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Conway, SC - May 11, 2007  4Cable TV, Inc. has today introduced the first in a line of replacement 1 GHz CATV amplifier modules that utilize the company's proprietary PowerMiser™ low-current technology.  The PowerMiser™ technology reduces the current requirements for a CATV module by approximately 50% over existing products. Current ... Read More


Spartanburg, SC - May 23, 2005   Two industry veterans, Steven K. Richey and Andrew F. Staniak,  have joined forces and formed a new company, 4Cable TV, Inc.  Steven K. Richey will be  the President and CEO of the newly formed company and Andrew F. Staniak will be Vice President and ... Read More


4Cable TV International/Setting the record straight

4Cable TV Inc is NOT associated with 4Cable TV International, Inc. As outlined in the March 24, 2016 News release dated March 16, 2016 , the founders of 4Cable TV Inc, as of March 10, 2016 relinquish control of 4Cable TV International to a private investment group in Pt. St. Lucie, Florida and regained control of 4Cable TV Inc which is now a Private Company.
At the time of the transaction there were approximately 1.7 Billion shares outstanding and 5 Billion shares authorized and all of the convertible debt stayed with 4Cable TV International, Inc. . The only information that the present management of 4Cable TV Inc, has is that 4Cable TV International, Inc. has moved the domicile of the corporation to Florida and changed its name to WORLDWIDE ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS CORP. (Search for 4Cable TV International, Inc on the Florida Secretary of State Website . Other than that, the Management of 4Cable TV Inc. has no information, on the operation, plans or intentions of 4Cable TV International Inc and all inquires should be directed to Jeff Wildermuth CEO, 4Cable TV International AKA Worldwide Entertainment Holdings, Corp., 1391 St Lucie West Blvd, Suite 244, Port St Lucie, FL 34986,
4Cable TV’s revolutionary PowerMiserTM amplifier line reduces the power requirements for most amplifier types by 50% or more.
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Thousands of Successful Upgrades

The two Founders of 4 Cable TV have over 90 years of combined experience in Cable TV. Between the two of them they have built thousands of miles of plant and have engineered and overseen thousands of successful amplifier module upgrades.

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