Board of Directors

An important strength of 4Cable TV is its Board of Directors. The Board’s extensive knowledge in the development of leading-edge communication technology and building world-class organizations provides 4CableTV with the required vision to grow into the future.

Steven K. Richey, President and CEO

Steven K. Richey is the President and CEO of 4Cable TV.  Prior to founding 4Cable TV he was Vice President of New Product Development at dB-tronics where he was responsible for all of the final engineering and any new board designs needed to upgrade thousand of amplifiers that are now in operation.  Richey brings over 49 years of varied CATV experience to 4Cable, including being in charge of repairs at a major manufacturer (AMECO) and former chief engineer at CADCO.  While at CADCO he coined the term “Emergency Alert System “ and both developed and pioneered the first emergency alert system and the first comb generator-based Emergency Alert System in 1972. Later he developed the first satellite block down converter now used in all satellite systems.  He was the owner/operator of 8 Cable systems in Texas and Oklahoma and went on to build a 150 system private cable operation.  In the early 1990s as an international long distance operator he was involved with some of the first VoIP experiments. He is a published author with over 30 articles to date. He is a 2011 Inductee into the Prestigious Cable TV Pioneers and a SCTE Senior Member.

Andrew F. Staniak, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Andrew F. Staniak is the Vice President and CTO of 4Cable TV.  Prior to co- founding 4Cable TV he was the CTO of dB-tronics and did the research and qualifications on over 100 amplifier bandwidth upgrades.  Staniak brings more that 47 years of varied CATV experience to 4Cable including directing  the ANTEC Design Validation Laboratory.  While at ANTEC Staniak was charged with evaluating the best GaAs hybrids for the new generation of fiber nodes and RF amplifiers.  He has been directly responsible for the engineering management of many thousands of miles of CATV system construction.   At 4Cable he is responsible for making sure that all of our design and our Upgrade Quality Assurance Programs adhere strictly to the agreed upon and published specifications. As a service to our customers, we make his expertise available through this on-line resource.


4Cable TV International/Setting the record straight

4Cable TV Inc is NOT associated with 4Cable TV International, Inc. As outlined in the March 24, 2016 News release dated March 16, 2016 , the founders of 4Cable TV Inc, as of March 10, 2016 relinquish control of 4Cable TV International to a private investment group in Pt. St. Lucie, Florida and regained control of 4Cable TV Inc which is now a Private Company.
At the time of the transaction there were approximately 1.7 Billion shares outstanding and 5 Billion shares authorized and all of the convertible debt stayed with 4Cable TV International, Inc. . The only information that the present management of 4Cable TV Inc, has is that 4Cable TV International, Inc. has moved the domicile of the corporation to Florida and changed its name to WORLDWIDE ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS CORP. (Search for 4Cable TV International, Inc on the Florida Secretary of State Website . Other than that, the Management of 4Cable TV Inc. has no information, on the operation, plans or intentions of 4Cable TV International Inc and all inquires should be directed to Jeff Wildermuth CEO, 4Cable TV International AKA Worldwide Entertainment Holdings, Corp., 1391 St Lucie West Blvd, Suite 244, Port St Lucie, FL 34986,
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Thousands of Successful Upgrades

The two Founders of 4 Cable TV have over 90 years of combined experience in Cable TV. Between the two of them they have built thousands of miles of plant and have engineered and overseen thousands of successful amplifier module upgrades.

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